The Premier Video – “Journeys”,

DVD Disc

The 58th Miami International Orchid Show

The Orchid Lady® has visited and loved this wonderful orchid show for many years. We are excited and enthused to share it with all of you, on DVD and VHS. This beautiful 40-minute video is a must-have and a great gift for ANY orchid lover.

Orchid Journeys Video - VHSOLJ-V  $12.95
Orchid Journeys Video - DVDOLJ-D  $12.95

Video Case
  • Find out from the judges what it takes to be "best-in-show".
  • Learn how some of the competitors created their amazing displays.
  • Listen to a few very enthusiastic attendees and shoppers while they share their excitement.
  • Discover what it is that makes orchid growers so passionate about their obsession.
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