Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss - Live

Choose Spanish Moss for its soft, graceful, lacy look. It’s flexible, light in weight, and silver-grey in color. We love to use it outside here in south Florida. It loves growing in our humid conditions but we also use it inside. Just be sure to mist the moss twice a week if used inside. Inside air is often so dry.

5 Lb. Standard Box12x12x13MSM-05$19
10 Lb. Value Box24x14x13MSM-10$31
30 Lb. Bag13x26x37MSM-30$71
(Gunny Sack - May be hung) Shipped in box
40 Lb. Box13x26x37MSM-40$89

Sheet Moss

Sheet Moss - Fresh

A most popular green decorative moss, sheet moss is often used for a smooth, finished natural look. The Orchid Lady® lines clear bowls or vases with this thin moss and then places the orchid in the container. Not only does it look beautiful, it's not messy!

Standard Box14x12x14MSM-02$36

Clump Moss

Clump Moss - Fresh

Also referred to as Mood Moss, this moss is especially good for creating a rich-looking, dense, velvety base for your arrangements. Once you have placed your plant in a decorative container, this thick green moss is "just the finishing touch" for a professional look.

If not placed in direct sun it will last quite some time.

Standard Box14x12x14MCM-02$36

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